Go: The Diamond Problem

Posted on Wed 12 July 2017 in Go Leave a comment

I've witnessed some of the online debate when it comes to Go and OOP. Some people say the language is object-oriented, others don't share that view. I think it's safe to say that Go isn't a traditional object-oriented language.

Lately, I've been trying to learn more about Go from an …

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Go: Rate-limiting (done right)

Posted on Fri 24 February 2017 in Go Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Data Pipelines with Go, Kafka and Cassandra. Towards the end of the post I presented a very rudimentary (and wrong) approach to rate-limiting (in the specific case of Cassandra write timeouts).

I wanted to emphasize how performant the solution is …

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Data Pipelines: Cassandra, Kafka and Python (and Go!)

Posted on Mon 06 February 2017 in Go Leave a comment

Last year I started working on a 'Big Data' exercise. It's an ongoing project that mixes large amounts of web traffic, data ingestion and analytics. It's also really fun. We get to play with an array of new technologies - sometimes on a bet, granted - but most of the time it …

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